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Adept Pacesetters Ltd:

Consulting Mechanical Engineers at Your Service:

Services offered include design of:

Fire protections services: automatic fire sprinklers, hose reel, dry and wet risers, foam systems, portable fire equipment.

Plumbing & Drainage: water supply, pumps, tanks, storage and distribution, steam services, water heating, sanitary plumbing and drainage and waste disposal.

Swimming pools, fountains and water display techniques,

Vertical transportation: passenger and goods lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors.

HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning, fire protection precautions on air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Refrigeration and cold storage facilities, To the right

Sound control: insulation and isolation of buildings from external noise and vibration.

Combustion systems, boilers, burners, incinerators. Gaseous, liquid and solid fuels supply, storage and distribution.

Renewable energy, solar electricity generation; solar heating & drying systems. Wind Energy.

Commercial & industrial kitchen equipment

Automatic Control software development.

Industrial processes, equipment sizing and layout design, conveyors, coolers, boilers.

Petroleum storage tanks, pipeline, pumping, metering, fire protection

Mt Shasta

The services are offered across a wide cross-section of industries such as:

  • Building construction of hotels, residential, educational and health institutions, commercial and industrial buildings;
  • Manufacturing industrial processing plants, such as Dairy (milk) Processing plant, equipment sizing, selection and layout design;
  • Energy, Petroleum storage, piping, pumping and metering;
  • Renewable energy such as solar electricity generation, solar heating and drying systems
  • Theme Parks, amusement parks, among others

    We provide creative; cost effective solutions.

    We have highly experienced Consulting Engineers to assist our clients overcome challenges and achieve their dreams. Please CONTACT US

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