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Adept Pacesetters Ltd:

Consulting Engineers at Your Service: Mechanical, Electrical Services for Healthcare facilities, plant, equipment, design and selection

The company offers engineering consultancy services in Kenya and surrounding countries.

Has experienced professional engineers registered by the Engineers Board of Kenya.

Provides mechanical, electrical services for Healthcare facilities, plant, equipment, design and selection, engineering consultancy services. To the right

Services include:-
  • Medical gas pipeline systems to Health Technical Memorandum, HTM 02-01
  • Sizing and selection of medical gases pipeline, medical air plant, medical vacuum plant, anaesthetic gas scavenging system (AGSS), Oxygen concentrators or pressure swing adsorber (PSA) systems.
  • Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises to Health Technical Memorandum HTM 03-01.
  • Mt. Kenya
  • waste disposal incinerators, among others.

    We provide creative, cost effective solutions.

    We have highly experienced consulting engineers to assist our clients overcome challenges and achieve their dreams.

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    Please Contact Us

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